Just over two years ago my son was born 16 weeks prematurely. He weighed one pound eleven ounces. It was the small victories that got us through the four months following his birth, which he spent in two different neonatal units. His huge victory was coming home at four months weighing a little less than seven pounds. I look at him today and think how wonderful it is that he has done so brilliantly. I can really see his personality emerging more and more each day and he is becoming such a cheeky monkey. Two days ago he climbed the stairs for the first time and now he is climbing everything he can. I still find his small victories inspirational, and he has had so many of them.

Today I have achieved a small victory of my own. I am twenty weeks pregnant. At the moment every week of this pregnancy I get through is another small victory to me. The small victories so far in this pregnancy have been hearing the heartbeat for the first time, each time I have a scan and my cervix is still long and closed, yesterday I found out that my placenta (which had been blocking the exit) had moved out of the way, another small victory.

I hope every day that both my children (the toddler and the unborn one) keep achieving their small victories, they are my small victories.