I am now 21 weeks pregnant. For the past week or so I have been feeling anxious because of my previous premature delivery (at 24 weeks). I have just had a bit of time to mull this over and try to find a way to stop feeling anxious. For a while I thought that there was nothing I could do to stop feeling anxious, I know realise that I was wrong and that simply isn’t true. There are several ways in which I could use the situation to my advantage.

Reach out to People

This is a cliché, but it really is good to talk. Before this pregnancy I joined a ‘prem baby meet up group’. I used to find it very beneficial to meet people in the same boat as me
and share experiences. I have followed this up and I am in the process of arranging to meet up with some of them, one of whom is currently in the same situation as I am.  I spoke to my midwife last week and expressed my anxiety to her. Her suggestion was that I speak to
the Counsellor Midwife. I was reluctant at first but I am warming to the idea.

Knowledge is Power

During my last pregnancy I was fairly ignorant about premature birth and, like everyone
else, thought that it would never happen to me. It is my belief that this is
wrong and pregnant women should be made more aware of the possibility of
premature birth early in pregnancy. Anyway, I am in a much stronger position
now because I can take steps to at least try to prevent a second premature
birth, and if the worst comes to the worst, I will be better prepared to cope
with it.

Keep Busy

As a result of my previous preterm delivery, I have many more appointments to attend both for myself and for my son. My son is now two, he is still catching up with his
peers and so we see a physio, speech therapist and various other professionals
who help him with this, which is a blessing in disguise. I also have regular
scans which reassure me as well as seeing the midwife, so basically it’s all go
and I don’t have much time during the week to dwell on the past.