I am starting to get excited as I have reached the 23rd week of pregnancy. This is a real milestone for this pregnancy because at this point in my last pregnancy I had had an emergency cervical suture put in and was on bed rest in hospital. I am much calmer now as everything is fine and there is no sign of early cervical dilation. My bump is bigger now than it was when my son was born, people keep telling me I look like I’m much further along than I actually am. I am looking forward now to the rest of the pregnancy, getting bigger (although at the moment I don’t see how that is possible), and feeling my baby grow inside me.

There have been some reassuring medical advances since the early arrival of my son. One of these is the Fetal Fibronectin Test, in which the doctor tests for the presence of fetal fibronectin which indicates that labour will occur in the following 14 days. I am confident the result of the test will be good, and then I can totally relax and enjoy this pregnancy.

I am finally starting to get excited about the rest of this pregnancy as every day I make an advance towards meeting my second child. All the signs are positive that I will carry to term and everything will be fine.