When I went for the fetal fibronectin test on Monday I was convinced that it would be negative.

How wrong I was.

I was shocked and terrified when my consultant told me that the test had come back positive. She told me that I had a one in six chance of delivering in the next two weeks. I then had to wait hours for an ambulance to take me to St Thomas’s Hospital. These hours were agonising, the woman in the bed opposite me kept banging on about how she was overdue. I finally arrived at St Thomas’s at about 9pm, the midwife carried out some observations and I was told to try to sleep. Despite being in a room on my own, I didn’t get much sleep. I could hear the occasional screams of women in labour.

The next morning I was seen early by the professor who came up with the test. He said that he would repeat the test and scan my cervix and consider putting a stitch in if my cervix was short. Alarm bells were ringing. It felt like history was repeating itself as it was around this gestation that all the trouble began in my last pregnancy. A few hours later the professor came and took me up for my test and scan. My cervix still appeared long so I was told I wouldn’t need a stitch. I was then delighted when the test came back negative. The professor later said that he was baffled about why the test was positive one day and negative the next, but it was a good sign. I would not, as originally told, be spending three weeks in hospital. I was discharged on Wednesday afternoon. I will be having another test next Wednesday to make sure, but the doctor who discharged me said that I now have a less than 1% chance of delivering in the next month. The past week has made me feel that there is such a thing as too much monitoring. If the first fetal fibronectin test had been done on a different day it may have come back negative and a lot of emotional stress could have been avoided.

I know this sounds ungrateful but I feel like I am being too closely monitored because of my history. On the other hand, if there had really been a problem it would have been picked up well before it became an emergency. I am just relieved that everything seems to be OK. I am still feeling a bit traumatised by the whole experience as it brought back so many bad memories, but I am confident that the test will be clear on Wednesday as there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. Only then will I be able to relax again.