I have nowreached 27 weeks gestation. Despite all the drama and furore with the Fetal Fibronectin tests, I have had no problems at all in this pregnancy. I am still mystified as to why the Fibronectin tests swang from positive to negative. I guess it will have to be one of life’s little mysteries. Anyway, I am much more relaxed now
and I am beginning to experience all the joys (and pains) of pregnancy that I missed out on last time due to premature labour.

Most women take it for granted that they will feel their baby kick during their pregnancy.
I never really did much with Harry as he was born in the 24th week
and he was my first baby. This little one seems to be very active and
frequently gives me a nudge, mostly when I am trying to sleep! I am also really
enjoying having a growing bump and I am excited about the prospect of getting
bigger. It used to annoy me when people told me I should think myself lucky I
didn’t have to endure a big bump. One of the joys of pregnancy for me is
feeling the baby growing inside me. I grieved for weeks last time after my
pregnancy ended far too early.

I went to see my midwife on Thursday. She said “you’ll be doing really well if you reach 28 weeks”. There is no reason at all why I shouldn’t carry to term and comments like that are just not helpful.

I am very much looking forward to the imminent arrival of the third trimester and the joys and pains that it will bring. After all, it is all part of pregnancy and I plan to just enjoy every part of it.