Today I have reached a huge personal milestone in this pregnancy. I am thirty weeks pregnant. This may not sound like a great big milestone to other people but to me it is momentous. The reason for this is that about nine years ago my cousin gave birth to a little boy at 3o weeks. He was ten weeks early. At the time this seemed massively premature and my whole family were worried about him. My cousin took him home five weeks later, five weeks before his due date. Little did I know then that a few years later I would give birth to a son at 24 weeks and all the heartache and joy that would bring to me and to my husband.

Now that I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second child I feel like I can relax. This may sound strange but I feel like I have got over most of the hurdles in this pregnancy. I am also being left alone by my Consultant now to just get on with this pregnancy and now I am finally enjoying it.

So many people take a healthy full term pregnancy for granted, but I really treasure every kick from my baby. It is a wierd feeling that this is my third pregnancy (the first one ended very early) but I am still experiencing all these pregnancy firsts and loving every minute.