When I first started this blog I imagined that this pregnancy would be eventful and that I would have lots to write about.
In actual fact, apart from a minor blip at 23-26 weeks, it has been wonderfully uneventful.
Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling very very excited. With only five weeks to go until my due date, if bubs was to be born now he/she would probably have a short stay in SCBU. Obviously it would be better to keep him or her in for another couple of weeks at least, but I feel reassured that I have reached this late stage of pregnancy.

The only cloud on the horizon is the possibility of having to have a c section. I am extremely keen to have a vaginal birth and the thought of having my baby cut out of me fills me with dread. So I am doing my best to help Bubs turn to a head down position as he or she is currently breech and seems to be stubbornly stuck that way. There are various exercises which can be done to open up the cervix, all of which I have tried and they have not yet helped. Somebody suggested moxibustion, but I have heard mixed opinion about that and it is expensive.

So, my only option is to continue to do the exercises and hope for the best. If the baby hasn’t turned before 36 weeks, my consultant will try ECV, which involves manipulating the uterus/baby from the outside to turn it to a head down position in the pelvis.

If all this fails, I will have to have a C section. Delivering a breech baby is, in my opinion, far too risky. At the end of the day I will have to cope if C section delivery is the only option.